Free Endomondo Mobile app on
Here is a great tool for all you joggers, cyclists, or generally healthy people. Endomondo has released a free app for your mobile phone that will track how many kilometers (or miles) you’ve done, and it will even map out the path you took. You can even compete with your friends to see who’s the fittest.

Its a must have app for anyone who’s trying to get in shape. Go download it!


Free Texas Travel Guide on FrackingFree.rog
Texas is a big state, with a big culture, and big cities. If you’re planning to visit Texas then you should have a travel guide to help you find whats interesting. A kind fracker has posted a free Texas travel guide. Just visit the site and fill out the form for your free copy. Then go out and eat a steak that can kill a man!

If you have some free guides for the travelers out there go post it now!

Similac baby formula free on
A new born’s health is the number priority for any parent. Finding the right formula for your baby is a very important process in parenthood. Similac is offering a free sample of their formula. You just need to fill out the form and you’ll receive a free sample of baby formula, some coupons, and a booklet on your babies health. This is a must frack if you’re a parent of a new born.

Do you have any baby fracks you can share? Join today and frack it!

Free Chinese cook book on
Fried rice, won-ton soup, egg rolls, and so much more! Someone has fracked this great ebook full of Chinese Recipes. Everyone loves chinese food, and what better way to save money than cooking it yourself?! This post has made me hungry, time for some Orange Beef!

Do you have any free cook books you’d like to share your fellow frackers? Register today and post your frack!

Free off-roading safety guide DVD from

Off-roading is an activity enjoyed by millions. Unfortunately its also very dangerous if you don’t take the necessary safety precautions. The Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council has published a free instructional DVD that will help keep you and your family safe during your adventures.

Click here, fill out their form, and learn! Your safety should be your number 1 priority! Stay fracking safe!

Free encryption software GNUPG on
Unfortunately in today’s world everyone is vulnerable to getting their data stolen. It doesn’t matter if its corporate, small business, or personal, someone is always looking to steal your data. Data encryption is your best bet to keeping your data safe, unfortunately encryption software can be costly. GNUpg is a great free encryption tool.

Give this handy little tool a try today and keep your data safe!

Free Golf ebooks on
Is there any other sport on the planet that is as relaxing and frustrating as golf? Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just starting out, you can always use some golf tips. Golf advice doesn’t come cheap, lucky for you we have a great frack with 25 different eBooks filled with golf advice. You can find tips on every aspect of the game, putting, driving, chipping, bunker shots, etc.

Click the link and improve your handicap!

Get Portal for PC for Free from Steam
One of the coolest games you’ll ever play is being offered for free on Steam. Portal is an action puzzle game where you have to use your portal gun to shoot, well portals onto the walls to get around the levels. Its one of the most unique, innovative and fun gaming experiences you can enjoy. Go download it for free on Steam today. But hurry because this offer only lasts until May 24th! Don’t miss out on your free copies of one of the coolest games you can play!

Free office sweet, Open Office, on
Microsoft Office is a great piece of software.  However its an expensive software. For someone who’s trying to run a business from their home, buying a license for Microsoft Office is an expense they can’t afford.  Oracle has developed a free, open source alternative called Open Office. Open Office provides you everything you expect from an office suite, a word processor, spreadsheets, slide presentations, databases, and more.

Give it a try for your business, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you know of any other great free open source software join and frack it!

Advertise your business for free on
Is your business having a free promotion? Then put it up on! As long as what you’re giving away is completely free, no strings attached, then it should be fracked.

Here is an example of a restaurant giving away free t-shirts in this frack. Free promotions are a great way to generate interest in your business. The restaurant owner informed us that he ran out of t-shirts that week! His new customers were also raving about the new trend of fracking. It was a win / win situation for all involved!

Drive new customers to your business by fracking something today!

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